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“Simply buy a cabin and we’ll do the rest from delivery to full assembly service”

 Founder Off Grid Living

Home Delivery and Assembly Service

Off Grid Living offer a home delivery and assembly service with any cabin purchased from our store. Sorry for any inconvenience but we currently don’t offer a delivery service outside greater Auckland. Find out if your home is within our zone. All cabins come in a kitset pack for easy, fast, and an affordable service. Luxury cabins that our experience assemblers will be sure to install with 4 simple stages.

Full assembly service with any cabin purchased

1. Site Visit

Site visit to inspect foundations and location

2. Foundations

Concrete piles duration 28 days to cure

3. Shell

Complete the shell of the building, including floor, walls, and roof.

4. Interior

The final stage, insulation, electrical, and interior. Hand over the keys. 

Cabin installment requirements

To understand if your sleepout or cabin will need a building or resource consent, you will need to make sure that cabin is;

  • is  a stand-alone building in close proximity to an existing main house (that has cooking, drinking and sanitary facilities)
  • does not contain cooking, sanitary facilities or drinking water supply.
  • the distance between your sleepout and other buildings on your property.
  • the distance between your sleepout and your properties boundary
  • Driveway must have appropriate access for a truck/ heavy vehicle (please be mindful of large overhanging trees/wires, small gateways, and narrow driveways).
  • There must be someone at the delivery site to accept and sign the agreement. 

For more information please use Auckland council new online tool which helps you check if you need a building or resource consent for your project.


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